Our Story

Whether you’re a 20-year-old yoga instructor, a 50-year-old mother or someone who loves to indulge in their food, everyone today is looking to eat products that are healthier. However, most people have realised that health & taste, are mutually exclusive. Well, that’s no more!

Introducing – The Brooklyn Creamery – A first of its kind, exceptionally delicious, low-calorie ice cream that has half the calories, 60% lower fat, and contains no added sugar Finally, an ice cream that ensures that taste, does not compromise your waist! Top that claim with 12 delicious flavors, and sinning was never more guilt-free.

While the brand started in New York, USA, The Brooklyn Creamery, is now taking over the freezer aisles in India. The delicious range of 12 ice creams contains no added sugar and are sweetened with naturally occurring sugars in milk and plant-based sweeteners and contain no artificial color! Made with the highest quality of ingredients, and keeping your health in mind, you can now indulge in all of those sweet cravings you experience – with no added guilt!

Doesn’t this sound amazing? Well, feel free to get your fix today. And hit the sweet spot everyday!


The Brooklyn Creamery will make sure


You rediscover your love for ice cream with no added guilt


You never get enough of our rich & creamy goodness


Your mind will be blown with 12 irresistible flavours