What is TBC?

Here’s the scoop, The Brooklyn Creamery is an extremely delicious, lower-calorie ice cream with only 75 calories per cup, making it your perfect daily dessert!

From the house of Graviss comes a new consumer driven, forward thinking ice cream brand! Joining a plethora of other Graviss ice creams brands like Baskin Robbins, Kwality, Yankee Doodle etc. The Brooklyn Creamery is the first of its kind; an Ice cream you have to never stop eating!

With 12 lip-smacking flavours, The Brooklyn Creamery can definitely help you find your sweet spot. The flavour’s range from NYC inspired Soho Berry and Brooklyn Bridge Butterscotch to classics such as Sweet Cream Vanilla and Summer Strawberries. They also have Indian favourites such as Kulfi and Holy Moly Mango alongside new age flavours like Pina Colada and Sea Salt Caramel. The range is topped off with Bubbleyum, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Caffe Mocha and Chocoholic.

What is the difference between regular ice cream and TBC?

The only difference between TBC and other ice creams is the calorie content. Our cups are just 75 calories, compared to 250 calories from other premium ice cream players. In fact, our whole tub is only 329 calories! Statistically, TBC ice creams contain 50% lower calories and 60% lower fat than premium ice creams!

Our ice creams also have No Sugar Added and are perfectly suitable for anyone looking to avoid sugar, including diabetics!

Time for everyone to #HitTheSweetSpotEveryday!

Where can I buy TBC?

Order straight to your home from Swiggy, Zomato, Amazon or Big Basket! You can also find TBC at select, leading modern trade stores such as Reliance, HAIKO and Star Bazaar. For now, we are only available in Mumbai and coming soon to Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi to start with!

Does TBC use fresh fruits in any products?

You will be happy to know that we use fresh frozen fruits in your favourite Soho Berry, Summer Strawberry and Holy Moly Mango flavours! We process them at Suitable temperature for better quality and stability and use them in the manufacturing of the ice cream.

How is the shelf life 12 months if this is all good ice cream – what kind of stabilizers are used?

At -25 degrees Celsius, a 12 month shelf life for an ice cream is the tried and tested period for which ice creams do not deviate from quality in terms of Sensory and safety parameters. Stabilizers are used to maintain the texture and stability of the ice cream. The stabilizers are carbohydrates and fibres obtained from vegetable source.

What is Low Glycemic Index (GI) food?

As per FSSAI law’s, if the GI value is below 55, the product is termed to have a Low GI. A foods GI indicates the rate at which the carbohydrate in the food is broken down to glucose and absorbed into the bloodstream. It is then expressed as a percentage of the response from a simple form of carbohydrates, white bread.

What is the impact of GI on diabetics after eating this?

Glycaemic Index (GI) plays a key role in the day to day life of the diabetic patient. GI can be explained as how much glucose is transferred to the bloodstream, and at what speed, after consuming a particular food. Diabetics are not recommended to let glucose enter their bloodstream rapidly, which is what happens when high GI foods are consumed. TBC’s all ice creams are all LOW GI products and cause little to no fluctuation in a diabetics blood sugar levels.

What sweeteners are used instead of cane sugar?

Our delicious ice creams contain “no added sugars” and are sweetened with naturally occurring sugar found in milk and plant based polyol – a blend of stevia & maltitol

What is Maltitol?

Maltitol is a sugar alcohol used as a sugar substitute and has 75–90% of the sweetness of sucrose (table sugar). It does not affect blood sugar levels like table sugar and is less likely to cause tooth decay.

What is dietary fibre?

There are 3 types of fibre: soluble, insoluble and resistant starch.

Dietary Fibre helps keep the gut healthy and is important in helping to reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes and coronary heart disease. It is often recommended by nutritional practitioners to aid with digestion. Fibre is a type of carbohydrate that is mostly found in edible plant foods such as cereals, fruits, vegetables, dried peas, nuts, lentils and grains. It is the

What is natural permitted food color and how is different from permitted artificial food color?

Permitted natural food color is generally color pigments obtained from vegetables, fruits etc. These are those components of plant which give color. On the other hand, permitted artificial food colors are synthetically created chemical components which mimic the natural pigments of the plant to provide food colors.

TBC uses only natural permitted food color.

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